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Who are the Sativa Sisters?Sativa Sisters Retail Recreational Marijuana Store Spokane Cannabis

Cathy & Cary

My name is Cathy aka “Jane” and I am a Sativa Sister. My Husband Cary is also a Sativa Sister!  I am excited about being a part of this world changing adventure. My background is very unimpressive to an outsider but I have had a lifetime of great experiences. I started working quite young and worked my way thru college not finishing until I was 32.  I have worked in Banking, Investments and Pottery. I retired too young. However, I always believed retirement should be for the young. While enjoying travel, seeing amazing places, living part time in another country I realized it was time to dream up another adventure. Sativa Sisters is the result. With my husband Cary, and two wonderful friends that have shared much of my crazy life in the last 30 years, we are embarking on this new challenge together.

Our partnership is what is amazing. 4 people with very different skills. We enjoy many similar interests but our skills are all very different. For instance Gale aka Mary can talk anyone into helping her.  No room at the Inn.. Gale will find one. Amazing. Don, Gale’s husband, is amazingly organized and detail oriented. He designs “critical path” for us to follow weekly, unfortunately he is the only one that uses it. Cary can fix anything. He is like a dog with a bone. Give him a job and it is his focus until completion. Cary spent his career buying and working in and industry like this new venture was about buying and selling commodities. With all this talent it is easy to see why retirement needed to be kicked to the curb.  

Cary and I with the support of our 3 children, 6 grandchildren are back to work. Enjoying the challenge, enjoying our partners and excited to start meeting our customers in this happy industry. We will be selling plants that our growers love to grow, to customers that love this happy plant. Does it get any better?

Don & Gale

Hi, I'm Don.  I'm a 6'5", 240lb Sativa Sister.  I have been a licensed business man in Spokane County for over 30 years and I'm proud to be a part of the Millwood Community. I will be opening our Sativa Sisters retail store here, along with my wife Gale (Mary) and our good friends Cathy (Jane) and Cary. We have had previous adventures together.  We built a retirement home together and now decided that we are too young to retire!

I believe this new store will be better than Startrek and Perry Mason reruns! I have completely gutted and rebuilt our location at 10525 E. Trent.  Come by and see our new store and be part of this promising new industry!

Hi, I'm Gale.  Now known as "Mary". I'm the pretty one... Jane has all the dance moves. My hubby and I have been married for 36 years. We voted for I502 because we believe citizens paying millions per year to keep folks in prison for marijuana use is expensive, misguided, and not working.

We decided to learn more about being part of the solution when the Liquor Control Board offered a free seminar to find out about the legal marijuana movement. We learned it will be strictly regulated, make money for the state (instead of the Cartel), make it clean and chemical free for users, and help keep it out of the hands of minors.  It will also be a new adventure and business challenge for us.

When I told my 90 year old mother about our plans, she believed it will be much like having a liquor store after prohibition. My husband and I look forward to being in business with our good friends and contributing to the economy by paying taxes and creating 10 new jobs.

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